Introducing our brand new VERMEER 36 / 50 DR (Dual Rod) 

This machine is equipped with Vermeer's patented dual rod system, making any ground condition drillable. Steering in rock is a breeze, as the dual rods provide the necessary torque to work even the hardest of rock. Combining a 70 GPM mud pump and 38,000 lbs of thrust and pullback with a relatively small footprint, the Vermeer 36/50 DR is a versatile drill that can be used even in the smallest of streets. With its fully enclosed cabin with heating and cooling, it can function in any weather making this machine reliable and robust.


With 10000 lbs of thrust, narrow and quiet drill can fit into even the tightest locations making it extremely versatile in dense urban settings or commercial job sites. Its fast, economical and reliable service increases job productivity and reduces our environmental footprint.

VERMEER 20 / 22

This rig is ideal for working services and mains and can fit in the tightest of spots. With 20,000 lbs of pullback and thrust combined with 22,000 lbs of rotational torque, the Vermeer 20/22 is capable of drilling most ground conditions. Its extremely small footprint combined with its 20,000 lbs of drilling power, makes this machine a dependable option.


These tracking systems are truly state-of-the-art, both being capable of tracking to 0.1% (+ or -) to grade(s). The F2 Falcon is equipped with frequency optimisaton technology, reducing any chance of interference. Using these tracking systems, Emmitt Utilities have completed a sewer bore at -0.1% grade on several locations.   

To Provide a Reliable and High Quality Service to our Clients
in a Safe and Environmentally Sound Approach

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